The way in which we work, exchange ideas, and convey information is evolving. Rather than arranging a day, a venue, having to organise time away from the office, travel, accommodation etc We have the means to bring a keynote speaker from an event to you – whether you be at home or in the office. If you aren’t available at that time or have to leave due to other commitments,  then you can access the presentation and materials at a time that’s most suitable for you.

The aim of the webinars is to offer practical, actionable learning experiences for the audience with the knowledge gathered being immediately applied in places UK-wide. The Future High Street Summit webinars aim to engage and inspire all those with a passion for creating a positive, successful future high street. Moreover, the webinars provide access to proven, practical and implementable ideas and solutions, which attendees can apply to their own local communities.

Details of the webinars available will be updated below.