Sponsors & Supporters of the Future High Street Summit Conferences

Our sponsors and supporters are carefully selected for the relevance of their expertise and for their innovation for the future high street. We want our attendees to hear fantastic speakers, to see demonstrations of excellent solutions, and to make connections with businesses that are as passionate about the future high street as they are.

We are currently inviting sponsors for our 2020 events, with those already confirmed listed below.

Sponsor: Elephant WiFi

ElephantWiFi are specialist Smart City Solution providers delivering digital solutions designed and developed in-house to help Place Managers better understand the health of their place whilst enhancing the visitor experience. Solutions include: –
INTELLI-Sense Place Management Portal
ElephantWiFi (public access WiFi with data collection and email engagement)
GEO-Sense (revolutionary “Intelligent Data” Footfall analytics delivering data never before seen)
Digital Touch Screen Information Kiosks
Future Tech including Air Quality Sensors and Car Parking Data

Find out more about ElephantWiFi via http://www.elephantwifi.co.uk

Sponsor: Bira

Bira (British Independent Retail Association) work as the voice of independent retail businesses, fighting for a level playing field for the independent sector. They influence media and challenge Government legislation with the sole aim of keeping our UK high streets diverse and lively. They provide support on key areas of strain like business rates, parking and staffing.

Bira utilises strength in numbers of thousands of independent retailers to negotiate special terms on key business outgoings like card processing, business banking, buying and many more. Questions or issues surrounding employment law, HR, health and safety, tax and VAT can be directed towards the legal advisors at Bira legal, which retailers have unlimited access to all included in the cost of membership.

Through access to discounts, preferential rates and support, retailers save far more than their membership fee improving their bottom line too!

Find out more about Bira via https://www.bira.co.uk

Sponsor: WiFi SPARK

Rich insights, out of thin air.

WiFi SPARK is the leading provider of WiFi and analytics for the Retail sector. With the SPARK® platform, you get more than digital connectivity – you get the ability to interact on a personal level with your shoppers and get to know what makes them tick.

SPARK® will supercharge your business intelligence, drive loyalty and enhance your customer experience. Our solution provides branded WiFi access with targeted messaging for your customers, integration with your loyalty database with real-time customer analytics and insights. This is all backed with 24/7 exceptional support.

Find out more about WiFi SPARK via https://www.wifispark.com/ 

Supporter: ShopAppy

ShopAppy is a support local campaign and an award-winning digital platform that makes it easier for local residents and visitors to browse local businesses, book local services and buy local products with easy click and collect after hours.
ShopAppy’s mission is to revitalise towns and cities by helping businesses to collaborate together on their own digital shop window. ShopAppy showcases any local business, not just retail enabling all kinds of businesses to benefit. To find out more email info@shopappy.com

Find out more about ShopAppy via http://shopappy.com

Supporter: Maybe*

Maybe* makes social media work better for any organisation. Our data-driven tools enable pacemakers to improve ROI, exceed targets and stay ahead of their competition by measuring what matters and doing more of what works.

Find out more about Maybe* via http://www.maybetech.com

Supporter: Grounded Places

Grounded Places – more than just a place management company, introducing shopper and visitor led thinking. Grounded Places’ unique blend of place management, retail experience & shopper research expertise delivers an enviable guide to BIDs and retailers through a programme of activity and independent review and actionable recommendations.

Grounded Places approach helps identify real world & digital connections between City, Visitors, Retail and Shopper. Building a visitor & shopper led strategy that informs development, content, connections & execution. Ensuring nothing is lost in translation.