Focus on Footfall Conference - Keynote Presentations

Focusing on content that can make a real difference to our towns and communities, the Focus on Footfall Conference brings together case studies, insights and thought-leadership to offer an engaging and inspiring learning experience for its attendees.

This is the only event of its type for people who have a passion for creating the high street of the future. Our programme has been designed to ensure maximum benefit for all attendees – from handy tips to insightful statistics, lessons learnt to meaningful case studies, you’ll enjoy a variety of content at the summit, including:

  • Hearing success stories from our engaging expert speakers 
  • Opportunity for you to quiz the speakers about what they have shared, in order to delve a little deeper
  • Gaining insight and inspiration from how other areas have delivered projects that have had a positive impact.
  • Time away from your daily routine, allowing you to focus on the trends and opportunities that will really add value to your community.

Throughout the conference, our keynote will inform and inspire attendees on a range of hot topics – you can find out more about the overall plans for the day via our agenda page. Keynotes for the forthcoming event are not yet confirmed, so see examples from a past event below.

Sophie Hainsworth and Jason Nesbitt

How digital trails can attract footfall, increase spend and engage the future consumer in your place

Modern consumers seek out place information online before choosing to visit. Most purchasing decisions are informed by internet reviews and searches. Visits to places are increasingly driven by interactive experiences.

With this in mind – are your businesses, tourist information and trails easily accessible and appealing to Millennials and Generation Z? Are you offering experiences which are interactive and interesting?

Join us at our talk to hear a variety of case studies of the LoyalFree & Fitzrovia BID F’Eat digital foodie trail and other examples of successful digital trails.

You will leave the session with actionable ideas of how to create trails and experiences which truly resonate with the future consumer.

Dan Coombs

The Importance of Intelligent Footfall Data “your visitor is more than just a number”

Our aim is to help Place Managers and Planners realise the potential of “Intelligent Data”.

Engaging with Place Managers and Planners has highlighted many challenges old and new, many of which thought too difficult or expensive to implement. One of the biggest challenges is Data, data that is reliable and as accurate as possible. This is where “Intelligent Data” is key! Especially concerning Footfall..

You need to understand more than just “a number” and in more than one or two spots within your Place.

“Intelligent Data” is helping you to be better informed and that’s not just about how many visitors have been seen in one maybe two locations!

Understanding UNIQUE visitor (not just a number) information can enable you to know more about how often a visitor visits your Place, when, where and how they move around, dwell and even how often individuals repeatedly visit.

Supercharged Footfall Data using “Intelligent Data”

Sam Webster

Welcome to Nottingham – Helping to address the issues on the High Street

Welcome and introduction to Nottingham – as host city, and Portfolio Holder in the City Council for City Centre, to welcome delegates on behalf of the whole city.

General introduction to the issues that Nottingham is facing – vacant units, the rise of online retail, the importance of the city centre to the whole economy

What we are busy doing now in the city centre – more cranes and development than for a generation

But a recognition that this is still just the start – what are the things we need to do?

  • More residents and workers – create footfall by having more people live and work in the city
  • More attractive city – events, public realm, visitor attractions, things to do and see.

Willing to learn from partners and experts to get this right. It matters and we have given this the highest of priorities within the council.