Digital, Innovation & Technology Conference - Keynote Presentations

Focusing on content that can make a real difference to our towns and communities, the Digital, Innovation and Technology Conference brings together case studies, insights and thought-leadership to offer an engaging and inspiring learning experience for its attendees.

This is the only event of its type for people who have a passion for creating the high street of the future. Our programme has been designed to ensure maximum benefit for all attendees – from handy tips to insightful statistics, lessons learnt to meaningful case studies, you’ll enjoy a variety of content at the summit, including:

  • Hearing success stories from engaging expert speakers.
  • Opportunity for you to quiz the speakers about what they have shared, in order to delve a little deeper
  • Gaining insight and inspiration from how other areas have delivered projects that have had a positive impact.
  • Time away from your daily routine, allowing you to focus on the trends and opportunities that will really add value to your community.

Throughout the conference, our keynote will inform and inspire attendees on a range of hot topics – you can find out more about the overall plans for the day via our agenda page. Details of keynotes for the forthcoming event will be listed below as and when they are confirmed.

Dr Jackie Mulligan

Future-thinking for your town centre

A whistle-stop tour on how to future think so that your businesses and places are ready for and not proofed against the future. Using the example of ShopAppy and scenario techniques with a light dusting of interaction, participants will be able to consider new ways of shaping better futures for their places, their people and the planet.

Delegates should leave feeling a bit inspired, a bit creative and armed with a couple of new techniques to help them identify the challenges (and many opportunities) the future can bring.

Sophie Hainsworth and Jason Nesbitt

How digital trails can attract footfall, increase spend and engage the future consumer in your place

Modern consumers seek out place information online before choosing to visit. Most purchasing decisions are informed by internet reviews and searches. Visits to places are increasingly driven by interactive experiences.

With this in mind – are your businesses, tourist information and trails easily accessible and appealing to visitors and locals? Are you offering experiences which are interactive and interesting? Does your place have a strong and appealing digital presence?

Using case studies from work on interactive LEGO and Foodie trails with our BID partners we will demonstrate the power of how experiences are presented to the public.

You will leave the session with actionable ideas of how to create trails and experiences which truly resonate with the future consumer.

Dan Coombs

What is a smart town/city

What is a smart town/city? Dan would like to discuss with the audience what they perceive a ‘smart town or city’ to be, and how that relates to technology in their place – the idea being to get people talking about what benefits there are for change and what would need to be done. Also taking a look at how realistic this is within certain timescales and who would need to be involved.

This is an opportunity for place managers to discuss what options are available to them – regardless of where they may sit on the ‘smart cities’ scale!

Polly Barnfield, OBE

Exploring case studies and a live data demo that explores the connections between social media and place-making.

Maybe* makes social media work better for any organisation. Our data-driven tools enable pacemakers to improve ROI, exceed targets and stay ahead of their competition by measuring what matters and doing more of what works.

This live demo session will look at the practical steps place-makers can take to use social media to its maximum effect, benchmark their performance and connect digital activity with physical results.

Be prepared to see something you have never seen before 🙂

Roger Smith

Delivering fresh thinking & understanding for improved visitor perceptions & commercial performance

A short demonstration of a current proposal with 1 city and how we bring a fresh approach with a blend of expertise, neuroscience and shopper psychology to help others understand and improve their city / business perceptions, performance & profits.

Andrew Goodacre

An Independent Future

The future of independent retail will evolve around technology. Evolving with this trend will be vital in the survival of smaller businesses. Fortunately, independents have an advantage; they’re agile and have business models that can be quickly adapted. They’ll need to ensure that this business agility incorporates better use of technology and takes advantages of the trends in shopping and consumer behaviour to not only survive but thrive.