Sponsors & Supporters of the Future High Street Summit Conferences

Our sponsors and supporters are carefully selected for the relevance of their expertise and for their innovation for the future high street. We want our attendees to hear fantastic speakers, to see demonstrations of excellent solutions, and to make connections with businesses that are as passionate about the future high street as they are.

We are currently inviting sponsors for our 2017 events, with those already confirmed listed below.

Sponsor: Blachere Illuminations - Festive, Amenity and Specialist Lighting Solutions

If you are looking to transform your town centre’s festive lighting scheme, let Blachere Illumination deliver the perfect scheme to meet your budget.

As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier, we can help you to avoid the middleman with an unbeatable service from design through to installation and storage… and with our option to hire your festive lighting, you can enjoy the best lighting without the upfront costs.

To find out more, call us now on 01337 832910, or download our guide to ‘Choosing your Festive Lighting Supplier’

Sponsor: City Dressing

We are City Dressing, a multi-award winning company that specialises in creating unique experiences from installations using lights, graphics and sound.

Our graphics and experiences improve place, increase footfall and spend. We are renowned for finding innovative solutions to cover up unwanted spaces as well as creating installations that improve existing spaces.
We can offer a full range of tools to transform your place all year round. We not only offer installations to promote all the major seasonal events and holidays, but we also maximise the use of empty space and promote these installations and events.

Find out more about City Dressing

Supporter: #WDYT

#WDYT (What do you think) is a Government backed, business led campaign that is accelerating the evolution of our towns and cities. It helps towns, retailers and local businesses connect with consumers through digital channels.
Research by Loughborough University in our initial pilot towns reveals that up to 74% of high street retailers nationally do not have an active social media presence, 55% have no e-commerce facility and 40% do not have a website. This data is in stark contrast to consumers, where every piece of research points to the accelerating importance of digital visibility. Places and retailers that are not part of an online conversation are now trading on a back street, not the high street.

The #WDYT campaign is live in 7 towns and is gearing up for a national roll out. We are identifying towns, retailers and associations that will be part of the next phase of accelerating the Digital High Street program across the UK

Find out more about the #WDYT campaign

Supporter: Clockwork City

Clockwork City is a place-making agency that builds Omnichannel Places.

We create future-proofed place management strategies that connect people and places, combining online, on street and mobile tools to make appealing places, build business and engage communities and consumers.

Find out more about Clockwork City

Sponsor: LoyalFree

LoyalFree is an app which promotes local businesses, provides offers and loyalty schemes and tracks customer behaviour.

We work in close partnerships with BIDs, breweries and national organisations to bring digital loyalty solutions to entire towns and cities. By listing local businesses within areas we are able to increase their brand awareness and footfall, and in turn supply incredibly useful aggregate business data for the local area.

Our company comprises of 2 best friends who have created the app from scratch, without any investment. We are incredibly passionate to support local businesses with technological solutions which are simple to use.

Find out more about LoyalFree

Sponsor: ElephantWiFi

ElephantWiFi is designed to capture demographic & Footfall data in real time

Through our Portal, data is analysed, formatted and delivered in easy to understand graphics and charts through Cloud Services enabling easy 24/7 365 day with up to the minute reporting ability

Communicate with visitors in real time or at any time about the things that really matter to your visitors like “What’s going on in your town or venue” “How to find retailers” “What special offers are available” Using automated push email technology, enhancing their visit while providing information that’s relevant and up to date.

Find out more about ElephantWiFi